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79 Nepal Trekking Insurance


Mountain climbing and trekking through the Himalayas can be exciting, but it can also be very dangerous. Therefore, when traveling to Nepal, trekking insurance is highly recommended. In fact when booking with travel or trekking agencies to take part in Nepal trekking, insurance is often required. While many travel agencies recommend travel insurance for any destination, Nepal trekking insurance is usually required as part of the contract upon booking the trip. For such especially dangerous trips, proof of insurance must be provided to help protect both you and the travel agency.

Why is the country considered so dangerous that Nepal trekking insurance is required? First of all, you will be hiking through treacherous mountain territories, where there are many areas to slip and fall or tumble, and it is easy to get hurt. Even with a guide, it is easy to misstep and become injured. On top of that, most people who book tours are inexperienced in mountain hiking or climbing, or the experience they have is minimal at best. This just adds to the already great risk such a trip incurs.

Nepal trekking insurance will assist in protecting both you and the travel agency. It makes neither party responsible for any injuries or losses while on the vacation. It can be easy, even if you don’t fall, to slip and lose a valuable possession. These items are also covered under travel insurance. Let’s not forget that, in such uncharted territory, especially without a trained guide, it can be easy to lose your way. If you become lost or veer off the path, there is no guarantee of the terrain. It could be even easier for injury or loss to occur when you leave a beaten trail.

Nepal trekking insurance is not meant to be an added expense. It is not a ploy to extort more money from travelers. It is, like all insurance, a protection against a great risk factor that a vacationer opts to contend with when planning such rigorous activity on a vacation. Just like car insurance or homeowner’s insurance, the best-case scenario is that you pay a few extra dollars to secure a coverage that you never have to use. However, it is always better to be safe than sorry, and because of their experiences in the past, travel agencies tend to follow this adage to the letter. Requiring Nepal trekking insurance is a standard, and it is to your benefit, even if you do not plan your adventure through a travel agency, to partake of such a service.

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