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72 Nepal Trekking Forum


If you are tempted to look for a place to getaway that is off the beaten path and you enjoy outdoor activities, Nepal has a lot to offer. Searching through a Nepal trekking forum, where other individuals who have experienced different tours and vacations in the area can offer ideas and tips for out of the way places to visit could assist you in choosing a tour and destinations.

In a Nepal trekking forum, you’ll find information on many of the usual spots, sights, and tourist attractions that draw thousands of people to the country every year. However, you can also find information on the less well known stops on a trek through the mountains and open countryside that have yet to be discovered by commercial tourism. For example, you’ll find information on tours guiding you through the Himalayas, which is a major tourist attraction and has been for many years. You’ll find tours through Tibet and treks up Mt. Everest.

However, a Nepal trekking forum can also offer an inside look and perspective on additional places to visit – small hideaways in the mountains where you can spend a romantic evening under the stars, or perhaps an excellent little restaurant in a small village along your hiking trail.

Besides offering additional insider information on places to visit and tips on sights to see, you’ll also find that a Nepal trekking forum is full of advice regarding difficulty of specific expeditions. Many such sites will rate a trail or expedition based on difficulty, detailing the difficulties involved. This can help you plan so that you are in shape for your particular choice of trek prior to getting out on the trail and finding it to be beyond your physical capabilities.

Other information you may find on a Nepal trekking forum includes suggestions for necessary exercises to prepare you for the climate, trail difficulty, and overall physicality of the expedition. Trekking across country is never an easy thing, and the fact that Nepal is not level ground but full of hills and mountains can only complicate matters. A Nepal trekking forum may make mention of breathing exercises that will help you maximize oxygen intake and usage, since the altitude of much of Nepal may be a major adjustment for many westerners. Thin air may cause breathing difficulty without preparation.

Overall, one of the best ways to prepare for a vacation full of such rigorous activity is to gain insider information, tips, and ideas about the destination. Before you begin planning your journey, you may want to visit a Nepal trekking forum to see just what you are up against.

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