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73 Nepal Trekking Maps


If you venture into a new place that is greatly unknown to the outside world, you may be very uncomfortable trying to find your way around. However, if you have enough maps to guide you, you tend to relax in the barely-charted territory. The same is true of Nepal. While many people dream of climbing Mount Everest the few that have used a map to find their way around. Before you decide to take the same sort of journey, youíll want to consult several Nepal trekking maps.

Why would someone need more than one map of the same area? Well, first of all, Nepal is not charted in the same detail as countries such as the United States or England. Much of the country is not well explored or well documented. While this is part of the appeal of the area, it is also a great danger to those who wish to hike through the mountains without a guide. Nepal trekking maps are not all the same or completely accurate, and consulting more than one will give a traveler a better chance at finding his or her way to a specific location without getting lost.

Also, some destinations that you may desire to reach are not on all Nepal trekking maps, and the ones detailing the location of that destination may not have a complete route to arrive at that location. Using multiple maps to arrive safely and accurately is a necessity in such out of the way places.

Even if you donít carry multiple Nepal trekking maps, you should have at least one good map of the areas you wish to explore. If you read maps well and have a good sense of direction, this may be possible. However, remember that out in the Himalayas in Nepal, you will not have cell phone or Internet access, and you canít simply call someone to come get you. There are no GPS mapping devices, and no technology will help you find your way home. Therefore, should you choose to go out alone without a guide and tour group, you must prepare with Nepal trekking maps.

Where can you find this information? First, you should check with the travel agency that helped you book your trip. If they have nothing or you didnít use a travel agency, purchase one at another agency or travel store. You may have to wait to arrive in Nepal and purchase a published map there. Also, search online prior to leaving and print out all the Nepal trekking maps you can find so that you have as many details on destinations and routes as possible.

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