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You’ve decided to go on an adventure vacation, and have found a package that seems to be just what you are looking for. But you find yourself wondering if the tour is all it’s advertised to be. This trip is going to cost you a lot of money, and you don’t want to be disappointed. Of course, the tour operator is going to tell you a lot of good things about the tour, but where can you get an objective opinion?

One possible source lies with adventure travel tour reviews. They can be found online and in some travel guides. People who have gone on trips like the one you’re considering write adventure travel tour reviews for the benefit of other travelers. They give first person accounts of their experiences.

Adventure travel tour reviews will rate such things as how informative the tour was, how knowledgeable the guides were, the quality of things like food, transportation and accommodation, and how strenuous the tour was. Adventure travel reviews will point out the pros and cons of the trip. Remember, adventure travel tour reviews are the opinions of clients just like you. They are not advertising copy.

Adventure travel tour reviews will tell you, for example, that a certain tour of Egypt was very good in most respects, but did not provide a long enough visit to Cairo. Or they might tell you that a cycling tour of Jamaica was not all it was made out to be because the bicycles were below standard and the guides were less than professional.

Adventure travel tour reviews will warn you of unexpected – and often unavoidable – problems. One review, for example, advises readers to be prepared for the very bad roads used by a particular African safari tour. The roads are bumpy and dusty, and the passengers must endure frequent flat tires. These things just go with the country, and passengers have to accept them patiently. Knowing about this in advance can help you decide if this is the trip you want to take. If you do go, you’ve been forewarned, and the conditions won’t be an unpleasant surprise.

Adventure travel tour reviews let you know about things you’ll want to consider before you go. For instance, part of the tour might involve a lot of walking, or perhaps a situation in which you want to change into your bathing suit but no changing facilities are available – except behind the vehicle. Forewarned means you can put your bathing suit on under your clothes before you leave the hotel.

If you go ahead and take the trip, and enjoy it, maybe you’ll want to write an adventure travel tour review of your own.

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