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Trekking, also known as hiking, is most popular when done in rugged or mountainous areas. It is a very spontaneous sport due to the fact that the trip very much depends on the weather, rather than any previously made plans. Trekking is also quite a bit more peaceful than most other sports as it can be done alone, or with a small group, right in the heart of nature, away from any cities or even people.

Trekking can be done in any country in the world but there are some areas that are more popular than others. Countries with large mountain ranges like the Himalayas in Asia, the Andes in South America, or the Alps in Europe are usually the most popular locations.

One type of trekking is called camping trek. In this the trekker is required to carry tents and sleeping equipment with them on their backs as they trek during the day. They usually set out quite early in the morning, trek for a few hours and then stop and have some lunch. After lunch the trek continues for a few more hours until the trekkers have to find a nice location to set up camp for the night. Trekkers who do not have too much time to commit can also go on day treks. A day trek would usually consist of trekking up a small mountain and returning back down within the hours of daylight.

There are a few essentials one would need to take with them when going trekking. Most important is probably a first aid kit with at least some bandages, plasters and disinfectant handy. Another very important thing is suitable hiking boots. They must be comfortable, the right size and stable around the ankle area in order to avoid unnecessary injuries. Another item is a good backpack with padded straps so that it is supportive on your back. The backpack is useful to carry your first aid kit in as well as some food for the trek and plenty of fluids. Many trekkers travel for long periods of time with just their backpack and all their clothes and belongings that they need in there. Some trekkers also like to carry trekking poles with them to support them while hiking up or down steep slopes.

Because there are certain things that you canít learn from a book it is important, if you are a beginner, for your first trek to be with a more experienced trekker. This will help you learn all the tricks of walking for long periods of time, and how to look after yourself in nature.

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