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64 Hiking Trekking


For those of you like walking or hiking, trekking could be a good sport for you to try. Trekking is another form of hiking that can be done in mountainous or rugged areas. Hiking, trekking or walking does not require any particular skill but it does require planning and the right equipment. It is also a good idea, if you are new to the sport, to start with a beginners trail and slowly work your way up to longer and more advanced trails. There should be signs along the trail showing distance and level of difficulty. The easier trails for the less advanced are usually shorter trails and do not have too many steep or rocky slopes. As the trails get harder the altitudes get higher and distance gets longer. It is up to the hikers discretion to decide how fit they are and what trail best suits their fitness.

Anyone who is going hiking, trekking or walking will need to have the right equipment for the trip. It is important to have a suitable backpack with multiple pockets and padded straps to support the back. The backpack, which should be adjustable at the straps, should sit right on the hips and finish one hand length below the base of your neck. There a few essential items that one needs to carry in their backpack. One is a portable first aid kit containing bandages, disinfectant and some band-aids. Some other items that one should carry in their backpack are a Swiss army knife, a bottle of drinking water and some food to last the trek. Suitable hiking, trekking or walking boots are also very important as a lot of strain is placed on the hikers feet during the trek and it is necessary for the boots to be supportive to the ankles. Thick socks are also useful to absorb the moisture of the feet so as to avoid blistering, which are caused by wet or damp feet.

Hiking, trekking and walking are very personal sports that can be done alone or in a group. It is a beautiful way to enjoy nature and experience it to its full extent. Hikers can spend many days walking and camping in the nature. It is also nice to hike in a group of friends so that you can all share the experience together and keep each other company on those beautiful nights spent around the campfire. It is a sport highly recommended for those who love to try new things and appreciate the unique beauty of our surrounding nature.

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