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    Featured article : Pole Trekking Tips

    As with anywhere that you may go for vacation, planning an excursion to a dangerous and virtually uncharted territory can be stressful, and you may feel the need to search the Internet for guides to such adventures. Even a trip to the North Pole rim or Antarctica can incite the need to search down pole trekking tips.

    Because of the "unknowns" involved in traveling to the country and through its uncharted wilderness, pole trekking tips are appreciated, typically more so that usual in comparison to other vacation destinations. While the Internet is littered with pole trekking tips, it may seem like a hassle to search the entire web and gather tips.

    Therefore, in this article, much of the work has been done for you. Here are some pole trekking tips that have been gathered from various sources to help you get started on your way to planning an exciting journey to a virtually undiscovered destination. And if these pole trekking tips aren’t enough for you, there are several other sources available on the web.

    1. Be sure that you are entirely physically fit before signing up for such an excursion. A trek through the pole is incredibly demanding in a physical way, due to severe cold, the need to carry all of your supplies while bundled in heavy clothing that protects from the element, as well as rugged terrain that has not had trails blasted through to make travel easy. Aerobic and weight training are both recommended for at least a month (heavy activity) or more (moderate activity) prior to embarking on the journey.
    2. Have the necessary equipment for the trip. While most paid guided tours will have equipment for your use, you cannot always guarantee the quality of the various pieces after use by others. Besides, you are more familiar with your own backpacks, tents, sleds, and other materials anyway, making them safer for your use.
    3. Don’t settle for less. While there are few trips to the polar rim at the North Pole, there are several excursions offered to the South Pole (Antarctica). All of these offers are going to cost a good amount of money because extreme sports and adventures don’t come cheap. Make sure the package you pay for takes you everywhere you want to go, provides all the details you want to absorb, and provides you with fulfillment of every last wish and desire - chances are, this is a once in a lifetime opportunity for you, and you won’t be coming back for another round!

    This is not a vacation on which money is should be an object


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