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You’ve read book reviews and movie reviews, but “adventure travel reviews”? Yes, there is such a thing as an adventure travel review, and it serves a very good purpose. It lets travelers like you know what a given destination or tour is like before you go to that place or take that tour. Adventure travel costs money, even if you go with the most inexpensive, low budget package you can find. You don’t want to spend your money, only to be disappointed.

The literature for a tour will tell you all that is fun and exciting about it. Adventure travel reviews will often tell you that, too. But advertising people don’t write adventure travel reviews. Ordinary people like you write them, and they do it to share their personal experiences and opinions. If the writer had a great trip, he or she wants to tell you about it. If the writer had a terrible trip, he or she wants to tell you about that, too.

Adventure travel reviews will rate things like the quality of food, drink, service and accommodation. They will tell readers if equipment like bicycles or ski gear was up to standards, if the guides were professional, and if the tour company delivered its product as advertised. They will tell you, for example, that a certain tour of the Dominican Republic was great in most respects but one. On the day the author went whale watching at the Samana Peninsula, the guide assigned to his group spoke very little English and so could not answer anyone’s questions. On the other hand, the author might say that the whale watching trip was the high point of a tour that was otherwise disappointing for a number of reasons.

One of the most important things adventure travel reviews do is warn readers of problems that are usually unexpected and frequently unavoidable. These often occur in Third World countries where conditions are not what visitors from more developed countries are accustomed to. They can include things like poor or even absent washroom facilities in some communities, beaches and other places where hawkers and vendors can be a nuisance, the reckless habits of local drivers, or even the smell of a nearby garbage dump wafting across the grounds of the resort.

A reader who is contemplating a trip that includes a hike up a mountainside in a Caribbean country might read in a brochure that part of the trek involves wading a mountain stream that is only a few inches deep. The brochure says that the guides will have slip-on rubber shoes for people who don’t want to get their own footwear soaked. The travel review writer who has been on that trip will advise the reader that the soles of those rubber shoes are so thin, the wearer can feel every sharp stone in the stream bed, and might as well be walking barefoot. Now the reader knows that if he goes on that tour, he’d better wear shoes or boots he doesn’t mind getting soaked.

Adventure travel reviews can be found in travel guides and online. They’re there to help you.

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