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You’ve been searching the Internet for vacation ideas, and you keep seeing the words “adventure travel tour”. You think this must mean something grueling like a trip to the ice fields of Antarctica, a mountain climbing expedition in the Himalayas, or a machete-wielding plod through a South Pacific jungle. You shudder at the very idea of such a thing and tell yourself, “That’s not for me! Better a nice comfortable hotel, or even just stay in my own backyard.”

You could be very wrong in your interpretation of what an adventure travel tour actually is. Take another look at the three words.

Adventure: an unusual or exciting experience. You do not have to expose yourself to danger or even discomfort to have an adventure. Sure, people who like to jump out of airplanes, climb mountains and explore caves have adventures. But so do people who visit the Louvre in Paris, ride gondolas through the canals of Venice, marvel at the Acropolis in Athens, or explore the Smithsonian in Washington D.C. For them the adventure is just as satisfying as a wild ride down the white water of a California river is to a kayaker.

Next word, travel: simply to go from one place to another. Planes, trains, boats and buses! It is true that modern travel can be both a convenience and an exercise in frustration. But it does not have to be an ordeal – especially if you prepare well for it – and it doesn’t even have to involve long distances. A thoughtfully packed flight bag of backpack can make a long trip by plane, train or bus less arduous. Just put in some things that will help you pass the time or deal with any minor discomforts. Moreover, very often a great adventure travel tour is practically next door. Very often your own community or one nearby will have attractions that people from other places travel many miles to see or experience. But local people tend to take them for granted. There are also smaller, less publicized attractions that are just waiting to be discovered.

The last word, tour: a sightseeing trip. Many people think it means continuous travel, as in a tour of Europe in which one visits Rome, Paris, Berlin and other major cities. Well, yes, it can have that meaning. But it doesn’t necessarily have to. If you live in Toronto, Canada, for example, and you visit your own city’s Black Creek Pioneer Village, you have had a tour. If you enjoyed the experience, maybe you’d like to tour the Doon Pioneer Village in Kitchener, just a little more than an hour’s drive down the highway. While you’re there, perhaps you would like to expand your tour to the nearby Mennonite village of St. Jacob’s, with its renowned Farmer’s Market. You’ll have a great tour, and you’ll be home in Toronto by suppertime. Similar possibilities for an adventure travel tour exist almost everywhere.

So, don’t be intimidated by those three words. Then can mean a lot of fun for you.

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