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Everyone loves an adventure. Travel tips can help you ensure that your adventure will not be a disappointment, or even a disaster. Here are a few adventure travel tips from people who are experienced travelers.

Before you go: research the country to which you are going. Is there anything about the political situation of which you should be aware? Do you need a passport to enter the country? Perhaps it would be a good idea to have the phone number of your country’s embassy or consulate, just in case of a problem.

Are you covered medically? This is one of the most important adventure travel tips. Illness and accidents happen. In some countries, especially in the Third World, medical treatment is not available unless you can pay for it. You could be treated at a hospital, and then be kept there until the bill is paid. This has happened. If you do have medical coverage, how does it work? Does the insurance company pay up front, or do you have to pay and then get reimbursed later? If at all possible be sure you have funds available to handle an emergency.

When you go: be aware of security measures that are now necessary for air travel. Don’t have anything on your person or in your carry-on that could be confiscated at the airport. When you are on the plane, pay attention to instructions about filling out the visa forms for the country you are entering. If you do not fill out the document on the plane, you could be charged a fee for completing one when you arrive at the airport. It is also a good idea to have some American one-dollar bills on hand for “tipping” when you go through the airport.

When you get there: adventure travel tips from veteran travelers urge other tourists to use common sense. Remember, you are in another country. People do many things differently from what you are accustomed to. You have a right as a guest to be treated well, but you also have a responsibility as a guest to behave well. Remember, if you are tempted to buy or use illegal drugs, that the laws in the country you are visiting are not necessarily the same as those of your own country. Foreign jails can be extremely unpleasant, and your family might have to spend a lot of money to get you home.

Just a few more adventure travel tips: stolen passports are worth a lot of money on the black market. Make sure yours is in a safe place when you are not actually carrying it. If the tap water of your host country is not safe to drink, do not use it to make ice-cubes. Freezing does not kill bacteria. Nor should the water be used to rinse lettuce or other vegetables or fruits. In some Third World countries it is best to know whom you are dealing with if you rent a vehicle. Disreputable rental operators have been known to “steal” rented motorcycles and cars, and then bill the renter for the cost of the vehicle. At night, keep away from dark, unfamiliar places. Being safe means being smart.

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