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Bhutan Trekking Tour


If you want to experience a trekking tour unlike any other, then an ideal location to go to is Bhutan. Located next to Nepal, Bhutan is part of the Himalayan Kingdom and is not as densely populated as other Asian countries, allowing you to experience and appreciate nature a lot more. A Bhutan trekking tour will allow you to experience the culture of the country, visit several indigenous people in the valleys and in the tiny villages located deep in the heart of the country. The people in Bhutan are said to be extremely hospitable, allowing you to take part in their festivals and culture, experiencing something rare and unforgettable.

There are several companies who will offer a Bhutan trekking tour. Their range of Bhutan trekking tours can be from just a day trekking tour, to a weeklong trekking tour. Depending your physical health and your budget you can choose from any of the Bhutan trekking tours that are available by most tour companies. The ideal time to visit Bhutan is from October to May. If you wish to go on a short trekking tour, the winter months are ideal. For high altitude trekking, October to November and March to May are the ideal months as weather can be more predictable. These are also the months when there are festivals allowing you to partake and experience the culture of the Bhutanese people. Some well-known festivals are the Thimpu and Wangdi Festival or the Paro Festival.

While you are in Bhutan, you may want to look into a guided tour to the Bumthang Valley, or to the sacred mountain of Bhutan, Chomolhari. Most trekking tours will offer guided tours to these areas. Trekking through Bhutan can be a memorable experience as a vast area of land is untouched by the outside world, trekking through the dense forests, and the alpine shrubs is the best way to experience nature at its fullest.

While searching for a tour company that will offer Bhutan trekking tours, you will want to make sure that they are a highly recommended and well-known company. Their guides should be well experienced with the terrain and the people of the country. If your budget will allow you may want to consider a Bhutan trekking tour that will provide everything for you, aside from personal items. Several tours will provide accommodations sometimes in a local guesthouse in a village; they may also provide pack animals, which will carry all the equipment aside from your personal belongings. Often they have a crew that is trekking ahead of you, and will set up the camp and prepare the food and drinks for the day. This will be ideal as you will be able to spend more time experiencing the countryside.

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