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Trekking in Nepal


Nepal is a beautiful and cultural country and has hundreds of incredible tourist destinations to offer. Among the most popular of Nepalís attractions is trekking in Nepal. Tourists and locals have been trekking in Nepal for as long as they can remember, and itís no wonder considering the beauty of the Himalayas and the uniqueness of the Nepalese countryside.

Nepal offers different types of trekking for the less experienced to be able to learn from some more experienced trekkers. They also have organised trips for those who do not know the Nepalese mountains that well and need some help from the locals. One type of trekking in Nepal is the teahouse trek. This has proven to be the most popular way of trekking in Nepal. Teahouses are small hut-like buildings situated along the trekking trails. They are hosted by locals who provide food and lodging for the trekkers. Usually with the teahouse treks, the group treks together for the day and when they get tired they bunk down for the night in one of the many teahouses. The teahouse treks allow visiting trekkers to experience the culture and meet the locals of Nepal without having to enter the cities and towns.

Another very popular type of trekking in Nepal are the camping treks. In the camping treks the group treks during the day until they find a nice spot to set up the tents and camp there for the night. The trekkers normally have to carry their own tents and other sleeping equipment on their backs when on a camping trek, but when trekking in Nepal they have the opportunity of joining an organised camping trek where the group leader plans for the tents and other equipment to be at the campsite for the groups when they arrive.

Planned treks are an amazing way to cross the Himalayas but theyíre not for everyone. For those who prefer to have their own private trek this is also available in the mountains of Nepal. There are different levels of treks depending on the experience of the trekkers so it is not always necessary to be with a big group of people. Trekking in Nepal is a very personal experience for each and every person. It is up to the individual to decide what type of trekking is appropriate for them, and for how long and tough they want their trek to be. Trekking in Nepal is undoubtedly an unforgettable experience and is highly recommended to every trekker old or new to the sport.

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