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54 Alaska and Yukon adventure travel


Alaska And Yukon Adventure Travel To Its Fullest

Alaska and Yukon adventure travel is the ideal way to spend a vacation or even a month traveling. This region of the world is like no other. With vast wilderness, untamed and untouched by humans, it is the ideal location to get away from it all. Donít worry; itís not always cold and snowing. It is always beautiful, though, no matter what time of the year you travel here. Throughout Alaska and Yukon adventure travel, you will find both physical adventures and breathtaking views. Here are just a few of the wonders it can offer to you.

The Yukon River

The Yukon River is one of the longest rivers in the North. Here, you will find ideal fishing holes and quiet trails. Here, you will be able to find canoe trips and rafting opportunities at their best. The Yukon River is perfect for any type of Alaska and Yukon adventure travel. To get into the quiet and serene area, visit Dawson in Yukon Territory. At Taylor Highway youíll find a small, homey town called Eagle. This is the perfect location to get into the Yukon River for a nice canoe ride or even for some rafting adventure.

Yet, Alaska and Yukon adventure travel goes beyond this. If you cross the Yukon at Circle, Alaska, youíll find yourself located just an hour long drive from the Arctic Circle. While children believe this is where Santa is, adults should know that this is one town that has one of the largest gold mining mines on the River. Circle is a great place to visit during the summer months where you will find canoeing, fishing and much more to do.

Whatís To Do?

In the Yukon Territory, there is much to do. Start planning your Alaska and Yukon adventure travel today so that when you arrive, youíll have the perfect way to spend each day. Here are some options to take into consideration.

* Consider athletics. For those looking for a true physical workout, Alaska and Yukon adventure travels offers just the thing. Consider mountain biking, running, rafting, canoeing, and hiking. The Yukon offers many of the best trails and paths for those that want to beef up their physical fitness or just want to get out into the outdoors.
* Activities: When it comes to things to do out in the Yukon, consider boating, canoeing, skiing, snowboarding, snowshoeing, horseback riding, backpacking, fishing and sea kayaking. There is much to do outdoors in this area.
* Something unique: Dogmushing, snowmobiles, day trips and the aurora viewing are all Alaska and Yukon adventure travels that are a must.

All of these Alaska and Yukon adventure travels are the perfect way to spend your day, your week or longer.

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