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51 Alaska adventure travel


Alaska Adventure Travel: Adventure At Its Finest

Alaska adventure travel is an amazing, once in a lifetime trip. Alaska is well known as being the last frontier within the United States and for that reason it is the most ideal location for adventure seekers. If Alaska adventure travel is what you are after, consider these opportunities that are waiting for you there.

365 Million Acres Of Adventure

In this region there are many types of thrilling ways to fill your day.

* Wilderness: Because the wilderness is what many are drawn to in this area, there are countless activities to fill your days. If you enjoy things like fishing, hiking, mountain climbing and sailing, Alaska adventure travel is perfect for you. Try King Salmon fishing or how about a month long mountaineering expedition up Mount McKinley, the largest mounting in all of North America?

* Physical Endurance: Feel like pushing yourself to the limits? Consider backpacking, white water rafting, river kayaking, and mountain biking. The best locations for a multi day trip doing any of these things are in Chugach State Park or in Matanuska Susitna Valley. The Kenai Peninsula is another wonderful location.

* Wildlife: Many individuals come to Alaska for the adventures that wildlife can offer. For a thrilling Alaska adventure travel, plan time to take note of everything wildlife here. Start by watching the sea otters and puffins. You’ll find these in the Aleutians. You can also find a number of beautiful animals in Lake Clark National Park and Preserve. From bears to whales and the largest fish you’ve every seen, Alaska adventure travel is perfect for wildlife lovers.

Some of the best locations for adventure in the world are located right in Alaska. For your next Alaska adventure travel, plan a course to see the natural wonders here. Take time to cross the Arctic Circle, if you dare. A drive up the Dalton Highway will get you there and well into the far north in Alaska. Lake Clark National Park and Preserve is the ideal location for wildlife watching as there are over four million acres of wilderness here, literally untouched by humans.

Still, there are beautiful mountains to see and the ocean, of course. Alaska even has amazingly clear waters with beaches of blue. Alaska adventure travel should take you through all locations within this state. Did you know that there is a rain forest located here? You’ll see glaciers up north. While there, raft down through the Yukon River for a very cool ride. As you can see, Alaska adventure travel has a lot to offer those that dare seek out a true adventure in any form.

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