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The Thing You Need to Know About Australia Trekking Permits


If you have an interest in trekking, you might seriously consider taking a trip to Australia. This fascinating land offers some of the most intense trekking adventures around. Trekking in Australia is the type of experience that is not soon forgotten.

But before you book your flight, there are certain things you need to know about the trekking life in Australia. For instance, let’s say you’re considering traversing the Thorsborne Trail, also known as the East Coast Trail. It’s a 32 kilometer path that stretches along the eastern edge of the island, through tropical landscapes and by mountain streams. Because of the swimming possible there, you’ll want to pack along a swimsuit in addition to your hiking gear. You should also know that it is not the easiest trail to traverse, given its loose stones and slippery hillsides.

But what about Australia trekking permits? Are they required for this particular trail? The short answer is a definite “yes.” In order to have any access to this path, you must have applied for Australia trekking permits. In fact, only 40 walkers can receive such Australia trekking permits at a time. As a result, it is critically important for you to book your trip well ahead of time, or else you might have difficulty obtaining Australia trekking permits.

Still, it’s one thing to know that you need Australia trekking permits—it’s quite another to actually obtain them. It’s best if you visit in order to get the process rolling. At the site, you can also access trail maps and assorted notes. If you’re not familiar with notes, these are considered to be must-have items by seasoned trekkers. The notes, which are issued by the Queensland Department of Environment, can be found at the Cardwell office location or can be obtained from a ferry operator. Fortunately, when you buy Australia trekking permits, you can find copies of the notes right along with the permits. If you need additional information about permits, you need to contact the Queensland Department of Environment Rainforest and Reef Centre at Cardwell Q 4849 Australia.

When you are preparing for your trekking trip, you should know that you’ll need to have your departure time from the island determined ahead of time. Otherwise, you won’t be transferred to the trail. The issue is strictly safety-related. If for some reason you fail to meet the pick up time, you’ll be considered missing and a search will be launched. You shouldn’t consider this an infringement on your freedom—rather, it’s simply an extra safety precaution which is appreciated by most trekkers.

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