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91 North Pole Trekking


One of the most unknown areas in the world is the North Pole. To put things in perspective, North Pole trekking has been an exploratory operation by scientists, geographers, and geologists for the better part of the century. Few others have dreamt of North Pole trekking as a vacation destination. However, more and more people are becoming adventurous and curious regarding the uncharted territory of the world like the North Pole and the North Pole rim. While Antarctica has been fairly well explored in recent history, there is still a lot of mystery surrounding the North Pole, probably because of its extreme temperatures.

New vacation opportunities have been opened in North Pole trekking that take vacationers and adventurous explorers around the North Pole rim through Norway and to Spitsbergen. In fact, it痴 not unusual to find 12 or 13-day trekking opportunities through the North Pole rim. However, it is still rare to hear of anyone, even experienced scientists, exploring the inner part of the large ice block. If you do decide you are interested in North Pole trekking, you値l find that the rim exploration opportunities are quite rigorous and should sate your desires aptly.

Most of these rim excursions will include some sort of tour of icy islands in the Artic Ocean, north of the Norwegian Sea. In most cases, you値l start your journey from a location in Norway or some other area of Scandinavia that is a mere few miles from the Arctic Ocean and the North Pole proper. Some North Pole trekking tours will take you east toward Russia, perhaps to small mining towns on the edge of the Arctic Ocean.

Often these trips involve sailing along the coast of Spitsberg or other such areas that give you an impression of what to expect when you enter the mainland in areas bordering the North Pole. Trekking through such areas involves great mountainous regions, along with dry, empty plains, and many glacial and ice formations. Interestingly enough, North Pole trekking in these areas will reveal that the area is not a complete wasteland, and you値l see a lot of flora and fauna in your exploration.

You値l explore fjords in the area, and you値l experience the extremities of the temperature variance even at this distance from the center of such an outrageously frozen and cold wasteland. In order to complete such a journey, there are specific items and equipment required and recommended. Often, guided tours will be accompanied by some supplies, but a list of North Pole trekking supplies will be provided with the itinerary for the trip.

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