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98 Pole Trekking Equipment


Some people are not willing to settle for the same old vacation destinations every year, and others are not satisfied with simply laying on a beach, soaking up the sun. Instead, they seek adventure and challenge. While many of these adventurists will find the rugged terrain and difficulty of mountain climbing to be satisfactory, others desire something more. Many want to experience something that few people have taken part in, making their journey even more unique. A trip to the polar rim of the North Pole or a trek across the frozen continent of Antarctica can sate this desire. However, in order to achieve success in such a trying adventure, you will need pole trekking equipment.

What sort of pole trekking equipment will be found necessary? Consider the terrain in which you will be trekking. You’ll be traveling across ice and snow, climbing mountains covered in the same, and also repelling down cliffs and other dangerous locations. Boots are the first consideration in determining the pole trekking equipment you’ll need to bring. You’ll want a pair of rubber boots, as well as a pair of mountain boots with spats.

Additional pole trekking equipment includes any climbing equipment you may own. Before you sign on for this sort of adventure, you’ll need to be in tip-top shape – if you are inexperienced in climbing, you may want to consider taking lessons or reconsidering your choice of adventurous experiences. Especially important climbing equipment to bring with you will include ice spurs, an ice axe, or harness. Of course, if you don’t have these items, you can purchase them or borrow them from the camp, but again, if you are ready for such an expedition, you’ll probably already own your equipment.

At the same time, you may have to borrow some pole trekking equipment, such as glacier equipment, from the camp or trekking company that is taking you across Antarctica, where trekking across glaciers is much of the journey, or around the outer rim of the North Pole, where there will be extensive climbing.

When you receive information packets on your planned trip, you’ll have documents with detailed lists of pole trekking equipment you’ll need in order to complete your trek at the poles. Be sure to look over the list carefully, as it will make your trip more difficult than enjoyable to begin the journey without the proper supplies. Having your own pole trekking equipment will make your expedition much easier, since you will be accustomed to your own property; however, at least being familiar with the use of such equipment and being sure to borrow it from the proper sources will make for a perfect vacation.

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