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An adventure travel tour is waiting for you no matter what your taste may be. It can be as short as a single day, or a month-long adventure. If you like to put on your hiking shoes, shoulder your backpack and take to the trails, how about the beautiful Bruce Trail in Ontario, Canada, or the rugged Rockies Escape operating out of Calgary, Alberta? An American adventure travel tour can put you on a walk through quaint New England villages, or take you through the deserts of the West.

For a taste of both the American and Canadian outdoors, try the challenging twenty-eight-day hike from Anchorage, Alaska, to Seattle, Washington. To get from start to finish you travel the entire length of British Columbia. There are walking and hiking tours in South America – through the Andes Mountains or along the Amazon River; in China – along the Great Wall; and in Malaysia – along the trails of Borneo. A European adventure travel tour can take you through Tuscany in Italy, the Loire Valley in France, or a up a Swiss Alpine trail.

Perhaps you’d prefer an adventure travel tour on wheels – two of them! There are biking tours for riders from novice level to the most advanced. Start from Prague and visit the castles of Bohemia. Or cycle up into the Atlas Mountains of North Africa. For those who prefer a self-guided adventure travel tour, there is the fifteen-day trip along the Danube River from Passau to Budapest, or an eight-day tour through Provence.

For those who like an adventure travel tour with a little more comfort, how about an excursion by train? Take the Rocky Mountaineer from Vancouver, Canada for an unforgettable fourteen-days of mountain and sky. On the other side of the globe, in Japan, visitors can see a whole new world as they ride the Shogun Trail from Tokyo to Fukuoka.

Sea cruises are always popular, whether you’re enjoying the Caribbean sun, touching history amidst the Greek Islands, experiencing the majestic beauty of the Hawaiian Islands or witnessing the birth of an iceberg along the Greenland coast. But to really experience the romance and challenge of the sea, what could be more thrilling than a tall ship cruise from New Zealand to Easter Island?

Whether you enjoy the challenge of confronting nature face to face, prefer to see it through the observation window of a railway car or the deck of a cruise ship, or want a hands-on encounter with history, there is an adventure travel tour for you. African safari, voyage to the Great Barrier Reef, horseback excursion into the Grand Canyon, or boat trip on the Nile; the adventure awaits you.

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