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Searching for the Right Australia Trekking Company for You


When you initially begin the hobby of trekking, you may feel overwhelmed by all the possibilities before you. There are so many fascinating destinations…so many ways to go about trekking…so much to learn about this amazing outdoor activity. Quite simply, when it comes to trekking, there are as many options as there are trekkers.

A number of trekkers have found that one of the best places to enjoy their pastime is Australia. This country is as rich in landscape as it is in history—a nation that offers seemingly endless opportunities to enjoy nature, wildlife, and tradition. If you’ve been trekking for a while and the thought of Australia intrigues you, you may be wondering how to take the initial steps needed to plan your trekking adventure.

Your first move should be to select a high-quality Australia trekking company that can plan your outdoor excursion. One company that has a distinct presence on the Internet is known simply as the Australia Trekking Company. In addition to having an easy-to-remember name, this company offers package deals that may satisfy both your wanderlust and your wallet.

Currently, the Australia Trekking Company offers tours of five to eight days’ duration. Their season runs from January through December, so there are plenty of trekking opportunities available. The minimum price offered for a tour run by the Australia Trekking Company is 970 Australian dollars per person, while the maximum amount is 1825 Australian dollars per person.

Interestingly enough, the Australia Trekking Company offers both guided and self-guided walking vacations through Australia. For instance, you can hike through national parks while a lead vehicle carries your luggage. Another option is to experience the solidarity of a group of trekkers through a guided hike.

The Australia Trekking Company prides itself on its knowledgeable guides. Not only are they committed to their jobs, they have an enthusiasm which is genuinely infectious. The guides can organize logistics, offer helpful tips, and act as “guardian angels” for you and your fellow trekkers. Because the company offers two guides per trek, it can offer walks of varying degrees of difficulty. In fact, you can even go on a one-way walk if you so choose.

Generally speaking, the rates for these excursions are based on double share occupancy and self-guided walks. If you are interested in guided trips, you’ll pay a little extra—but it could be well worth the cost, in terms of what you will get out of the trip. Also, if you prefer a single room, you can have one for an additional charge. You might also consider a package which combines a number of trips together for a single vacation.

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