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Planning a vacation that is unique and exciting can become a difficult task, especially when you are not looking for something family-oriented but something more rigorous or demanding. Especially if you enjoy outdoor activities and physical challenges, you may have run out of options, having exhausted all the usual trails that energetic and athletic adventurists enjoy. A hiking-trekking pole adventure may be something you are considering for your next excursion to spice up your life.

What does a hiking-trekking pole adventure entail? Well, if you are visiting Antarctica, there are actually several guided tour options for you to choose from. However, when considering a hiking-trekking pole excursion to the North Pole, fewer choices are available. This is because even scientists have not explored most of the northernmost part of the world, and tourists are general led along what is considered safer territory along the North Pole rim. These waters and lands have been charted and offer a glimpse of what can be found in the more dangerous unknown of the North Pole itself.

A hiking-trekking pole vacation is quite demanding. You’ll want to be in top physical shape prior to embarking on the adventure. Aside from being as hazardous and rigorous as a standard mountain climbing excursion, it will also be extremely cold and, at times, slippery due to the amount of ice and snow at the polar rim. You’ll probably want to bring your own mountain climbing and repelling equipment (if you are not experienced at such activities, this type of vacation is not recommended) so that you are comfortable with its use. While there is camping equipment typically provided to shield you from the harsh nights, you may also wish to carry your own accommodations.

If you do plan one of these hiking-trekking pole adventures, you’ll want to do so with a travel agency, since they will have reviews and experience regarding these types of excursions, having heard from previous clients about what to expect. Such agencies can warn you away from particularly bad adventure opportunities and offer you better options for your own desires. They can also help you determine if your skill level allows you to partake of such demanding activities.

Prior to enlisting in a hiking-trekking pole excursion, a travel agency will probably ask you to provide proof of travel insurance. This is recommended, even if not required, as visits to the North Pole rim or to Antarctica are quite dangerous, and you run a great risk of losing valuables, being injured, or becoming ill without the proper protection from the cold and elements.

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