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Greece Adventure Travel Vacations


One place where many people might not think to head for an adventure travel vacation is Greece. Situated in a cradle of civilization and bathed on three sides by one of the oldest seas on the planet, the Mediterranean, Greece offers both stunning historical and cultural experiences and a plethora of wildlife experiences.

The island is roughly 80% mountainous, so one of the most common Greece adventure travel vacations is spent rock-climbing; indeed, there are rock-climbing activities for all levels, the most popular being Meteora. Go rappelling in canyons with heights between 10 and 70 meters. Trekking or walking tours through the mountains, along old mule and donkey paths or through gorges, to stop and enjoy the wildlife or the small villages is another very common activity in Greece. Adventure travel vacations here may also have a cultural immersion aspect to them and consist of a walking tour of Athens to experience the birthplace of western culture, or a walking tour aimed at visiting local wineries and indulging in food tasting activities. After all, the Mediterranean diet is one of the healthiest.

Greece boasts the world’s steepest canyon, Vikos gorge, which is a gift to trekkers that can revel in its six-hour-long trek. Go trekking through rivers lined with dense vegetation to stumble pleasantly upon hidden natural pools and waterfalls and have a swim. Visiting archeological sites and perhaps helping with digs is yet another common activity in this land which is thousands of years old. Taking in the beautiful coastlines riding along the beach on horseback, or riding through apple and chestnut trees or in Mediterranean forests, can be like riding through the world of ancient mythology.

You can enjoy camping expeditions which can involve hiking, kayaking, deep sea rafting, or canoeing, on which you will use reindeer as pack animals and marvel at the wildlife which surrounds you. Perhaps biking is what you would prefer and so can indulge in a bike tour through old, historic Greek villages, stopping off to meet some of the locals. Some agencies also offer driving tours of the Greek islands, either with or without a guide and many involve Jeep tours where travelers can experience off road adventures.

Thanks to the beautiful Mediterranean Sea, travelers can enjoy many water activities, such as sailing, in Greece. Adventure travel vacations can include sea kayaking among the Greek islands and enjoying the beautiful white rock formations, beaches and quaint Greek villages. Greek waters house an enormous variety of fauna and flora and scuba divers can enjoy underwater shipwrecks and deep sea caves. Take a motorboat cruise around the island and stop to dive into the water. Because of the wide variety of activities that this magical country has to offer, many agencies offer multi-sport vacation packages, either pre-designed to include a certain array of activities such as trekking, kayaking and scuba diving, or open to be designed by you and your adventurous mind.

If it’s Greece adventure travel vacations you want, make the Internet your first stop for information. Poke your head into a library or bookstore for books or magazines specializing in travel. Whichever of the many Greece adventure travel vacations available you choose, you’ll get transported back in time to a mythical world which you will never forget.

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