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Adventure Travel Vacation Tours


Depending on what type of person you are, you may want to choose a standard organized adventure travel vacation tour, go it on your own or choose the “self-guided tour” option. While many people think standard tours may be too “rigid” and not take into consideration people’s different tastes, adventure travel vacation tours are much different. The majority of tours are put together to keep all individuals in the group happy and stimulated; indeed, many adventure travel vacation tours actually vary their activities over the period of the vacation, so that you raft down rapids one day, the next you’re on horseback, the next you are picnicking in a field, and the next you are walking through archeological ruins. Even if you don’t want that much action compacted into one vacation, there are so many adventure travel vacation tours out there that you are bound to find one you enjoy.

The benefits of purchasing a tour package are many. Since the company or agency contracts tour rates for sightseeing, meals, accommodations, and transportation, they save money and these savings are passed on to customers. Furthermore, because agencies usually purchase accommodations and arrangements in large volume, they are able to secure these things for their customers who most likely would not be able to find them (at these prices) on their own. Often, packages for adventure travel vacation tours will include everything you will need or do on your vacation and so you know how much you will be spending on your adventure.

As far as itineraries go, with tour packages, you don’t have to think about anything. You can fully relax (well, as much as whatever vacation you choose will let you relax) and not worry about where to stay, what to cook, lugging your luggage around if you choose to visit multiple locations, etc. Your itinerary is pretty much set, so you know what you’re getting into and you will have a guide there at all times explaining things. With your standard adventure travel vacation tours, you have to be willing to deal with traveling alongside individuals that you don’t know and being confined to certain departure and end dates.

With tours that are “self-guided”, on the other hand, you get most of the comfort of a standard tour (with some small perks possibly being absent, but this varies from operator to operator) with a bit more flexibility. You can travel whenever your schedule fits you and can change the dates of many of the activities if you wish; you do not have to travel in groups of strangers, but can bring just your family and friends with you. The majority of these tours do not have actual guides leading you around, but you are given itineraries, maps, suggestions, information, professionally planned routes, etc. so that you don’t have to do as much thinking as on a standard vacation. With this scenario, you can choose to veer slightly away from the itinerary if you wish, but make sure you are the kind of person that can find your way back. Prices for these kinds of tours will most likely be less than those for standard tours because of the fewer comforts and support you receive.

The Internet can be of help for getting more information on adventure travel vacation tours, to decide what tour is for you or where you’d like to go. A visit to a library or bookstore for travel books or magazines might also be a good idea to sort through the many amazing adventure travel vacation tours out there.

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