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Cheap Adventure Travel Vacations


You’ve decided you want a little adventure on your next vacation, but since money doesn’t exactly grow on trees, you’d like to not pay sky-high prices for your entertainment. What you have to do is research. Of course the Internet is a convenient tool in the hunt for cheap adventure travel vacations.

At this point, you could do one of two things, all dependent on how clear your ideas are about where it is you want to go and what it is exactly that you’d like to do. One option is to perform a general Internet search for cheap adventure travel vacations. If you don’t have your heart set on going anywhere in particular, you can use the results of this general search to choose which vacation suits your economic needs. Go for the second option if you already have an idea of a where and a what for your vacation (you saw a documentary on Alaskan fjords the other day on the discovery channel and you got hooked). Perform a search for the specific vacation you desire (“Alaskan fjords vacation”) and compare prices offered by various operators. Just remember to devote some time to this; you won’t get anywhere if you get annoyed after doing five minutes of research.

There is yet another viable option for those who haven’t yet been bitten by the bug of any particular destination. If you’re not limited to a certain two weeks out of the year for your vacation, then you may find it convenient to wait until the last minute to book your adventure. Airplanes, hotels, and tour operators often have empty spots which they need to fill in a hurry and they are often willing to part with those empty spots at lower prices than what other customers paid. So if you’re fine with taking what’s available at whatever time it’s available, then you may just have yourself an adventure at an affordable price.

Regarding the different modalities of cheap adventure travel vacations, doing everything yourself is probably not the best idea because you are not as resourceful as, say, a travel agency or a company specializing in cheap adventure travel vacations (and you don’t volume purchase like they do); putting together packages of accommodations, ground transportation, meals, etc. will be way too expensive and could end up going horribly wrong. If you do wish to go dirt cheap, then going on an adventure without massive organization, support or luxurious accommodations, with just your tent under your arm, is the way to go.

You can shop the internet for cheap adventure travel vacations, as mentioned above;,,,, and could be good places to start. Or you could choose a different organization and do part of the vacation yourself, while leaving only some of it to a tour operator. This last alternative is often referred to as the “self-guided tour” and can be cheaper than standard tours because you don’t have to pay for some of the added comforts and support. Cheap adventure travel vacations are out there, if you look for them, so don’t be lazy!

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