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80 Nepal Trekking Tips


As with anywhere that you may go for vacation, planning a trip to the Himalayas or up Mount Everest will probably have you searching the Internet for Nepal trekking tips. Because of the “unknowns” involved in traveling to the country and through its uncharted wilderness, Nepal trekking tips are probably greatly appreciated, more so that usual in comparison to other vacation destinations. While the Internet is littered with Nepal trekking tips, it may seem like a hassle to search the entire web and gather tips. Therefore, in this article, much of the work has been done for you. Here are some Nepal trekking tips that have been gathered from various sources to help you get started on your way to planning an exciting journey to a special country. And if these Nepal trekking tips aren’t enough for you, there are several other sources available on the web.

* Book your travel through an agency. Whether using a standard travel agency or a Nepal trekking agency, it is best to stay on the beaten path when trekking through Nepal. Because it is uncharted territory, veering from well-known trails can lead to disaster, including getting hopelessly lost or severely injured.

* Read reviews of various trail options. While a trail may be rated as “easy”, an expert may have graded this. Real people like yourself who have followed the path will often give a more detailed description of what is involved in this particular trek, letting you know if you are qualified for or feel comfortable taking on the challenges involved.

* Exercise. If you are not in shape or not in good shape, you should prepare with fairly rigorous aerobic activity for at least a month prior to making your journey. This will also help you with your breathing – remember that much of Nepal is over a mile high in altitude, and the air is much thinner than most westerners are used to. This alone can be detrimental to the success of your trip, but the added activity involved can make things even harder without preparation.

* Travel light, but be prepared for all circumstances. Also take into consideration the possibility of needing a trekking permit to travel through certain areas of Nepal. Permits are required to enter National Parks, remote areas of the Himalayas, and certain other areas. This means paying a fee and providing required documentation. Check with authorities prior to venturing onto a particular trail to determine what is necessary.

* Pay for travel insurance! As with all vacations, any number of things can go wrong, and you don’t want to pay out of pocket for lost items or injuries. Especially in this treacherous terrain and rigorous activity, it is important to have insurance.

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