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Few people think of Nepal as a relaxing vacation getaway. The truth, though, is that trekking in Nepal can be a very spiritual and relaxing experience. New sights and sounds excite the senses and enlighten the mind. City life here is very different from the western world, and trekking through mountains and wilderness create memories and build knowledge that cannot be erased.

When trekking in Nepal, most people will at some point spend a night or two in Kathmandu, one of the largest and busiest city centers in Nepal where the main airport is located. Here, your senses will be assaulted with sounds and smells – the outrageous traffic, which is not organized in any means like that of western civilization, is so thick that you feel as though you will choke on the thick gas and diesel fumes. There are so many people in such a small, concentrated area that you feel almost claustrophobic and wonder how these people live their lives. Is it anything like the United States? What is civilization like here, on a continent halfway around the world?

From there, as you go trekking in Nepal, you may stop to visit some of the amazing temples in Durbar Square – the temples in Nepal are architectural masterpieces, awe-inspiring just to gaze at and think about the incredible design work that went into such masterpieces. However, inside, the spiritual bliss encountered can melt away the stress and strain of a busy lifestyle in an instant. The peace and serenity of the worshipers in these places makes one feel restful and at ease, completely one with the environment.

Other sights you’ll encounter while trekking in Nepal are those associated with the less fortunate of society. In Kathmandu and other cities in Nepal, it is quite normal to find those in situations of extreme poverty. If you have a digital camera, you may be carrying more equity in that one item than most of the citizens here make in an entire year. However, one thing the people of Kathmandu have that you’ll find when you venture out to go trekking in Nepal that others in this world don’t is a deep spiritual richness. Their inner peace will grab you and take over, shifting you into a state of utter relaxation and happiness while you enjoy the rest of your vacation and trekking in Nepal.

Trekking in Nepal is a way to enjoy nature, exercise the mind as well as the body, and experience new cultures and ways of life, taking in the surroundings and pondering the possibilities of the world in general in comparison to your own situation in life.

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