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77 Trekking Routes in Nepal


If you like hiking, mountain climbing, and other outdoor adventures, you may want to make a trip to Nepal. Trekking routes in Nepal are plentiful, and they come in a great variety of difficulties offering many different sights and experiences to suit most anyone’s preferences. When mapping out the trekking routes in Nepal that you intend to follow, you may want to enlist some help from an expert or even hire a guide, as there are a lot of problems you may run into.

As you read through descriptions and reviews of trekking routes in Nepal, you’ll find that there are conflicting opinions on the difficulty of most trails. For example, what one trekker may define as difficult may be considered moderate by someone more experienced. What criteria should be used to determine the level of difficulty of a trail? Based on reviews, there is no set standard, making it impossible for you to determine what is appropriate for your skill level. However, by consulting an expert and asking about trekking routes in Nepal, he or she can help you make the right choices. The guide or consultant will listen to your wishes and needs in terms of trekking routes, then make recommendations for the right trails to follow.

When thinking about all the trekking routes in Nepal, you should decide what areas of the country you want to see. Are you interested in the large city centers? Would you like to see the way of life in small villages or in the spiritual temples of Nepal? Would you prefer to see some of the lesser-known areas of beauty off the beaten path, or are you excited at the thought of spending a few days trekking through the same mountain paths in the Himalayas as so many people before you? These are things that will affect your choice of trekking routes in Nepal to follow. Many will opt for guided tours up Mt. Everest or simply through other areas of the Himalayas. However, this may not appeal to all visitors.

Others may wish to trek from temple to temple, experiencing first hand the spirituality that the citizens of Nepal are known for. In fact, what richness the people lack in monetary value, they more than make up for in their spiritual wealth. Yet other trekking routes in Nepal are set up as guided tours that take you through the wilderness but ultimately end up in city centers or welcoming villages nightly, never leaving you wanting for anything out in the open, uncivilized territory.

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