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If you are an extremist who enjoys outdoor activities and wants to experience the most exciting adventures available to mankind today, treks to either the North Pole rim or to Antarctica may be right up your alley. Searching through pole trekking forums, where other individuals who have experienced such exotic tours and vacations at either extreme can offer ideas and tips for out of the way places to visit could assist you in choosing a specific tour, departure date, or departure location.

In pole trekking forums, you’ll find information on many of the various sights, demands of the trails (which are not grooved in from decades of tourism, meaning they require a guide), and overall necessities regarding physicality and determination to embark on such an adventure. You can also find information on side stops on a trek across the icy terrain or a sail across the open waters north of Norway, where the polar rim begins. For example, you’ll find information on tours guiding you around barely discovered islands in the Arctic Ocean, around the Russian rim of the North Pole, and in the rugged dry terrain that accompanies several glaciers and landlocked ice formations.

However, pole trekking forums can also offer an inside look and perspective on the aggressiveness of the tour – where exactly you’ll make stops, what to expect when crossing the land versus taking the sail or ocean liner to the destination. How cold can you expect temperatures to get at what time of year? What is the danger of thin ice? What sort of wildlife will I see when visiting? While a review may give a brief overview of this information, you can ask specific information and get answers from individuals who have been on the journey. Many sites advertising treks to the poles will rate a trail or expedition based on difficulty but provide no details regarding the difficulties involved that earned such a rating. You can ask others on a forum more for more explanation. This can help you plan so that you are in shape for your particular choice of trek prior to getting out on the trail and finding it to be beyond your physical capabilities.

Other information you may find on pole trekking forums includes suggestions for necessary exercises to prepare you for the climate, trail difficulty, and overall physicality of the expedition. Trekking across country is never an easy thing, and the fact that both Antarctica and the North Pole rim are extreme climates with temperatures so cold that much life cannot exist can only complicate matters. Pole trekking forums may make mention of specific materials that help insulate against cold, equipment required, and various brands of clothing and equipment that are trustworthy.

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