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Trekking Tours


Trekking through unknown territory can be very intimidating and often scary. For those more adventurous people, trekking in unknown areas can be exciting and much preferred over guided tours. However, for trekkers who are beginners and are not quite as daring as the adventurous trekkers, trekking tours can be an ideal choice. By going on trekking tours you will be able to experience nature safely, and often times rather comfortably.

Trekking tours can range from just a day tour, to a weeklong adventure. If you are in great physical condition, the weeklong tour may be ideal. Companies also offer high altitude tours, which may include rock climbing. When considering the option of high altitude tours, you will not be able to do this type of tour in just a day or two, as the tour will need to include appropriate acclimatization days to avoid altitude sickness, so these tours will only be offered as a weeklong guided tour.

Depending on the region, you will want to find out what time of the year is the best time for trekking tours. If you are planning on short trekking, most of the months throughout the year are ideal. However, if you are trekking at high altitudes, some months may prove more dangerous than others as the weather can be unpredictable, so check with the tour company for the ideal times to go trekking.

The services provided by trekking tours can range, depending on the price and the knowledge of your guide. You will have the option of going on a private tour, or on a group tour. There is also the choice of what type of tour you wish to go on. For a more rugged experience a camping trek may be ideal, however a teahouse trek is also an option.

Most companies offer camping treks, where they provide the tents, mattresses, food, equipment and other necessary items for you. They will provide you with meals and drinks, and will also set up and clean up the campsite for you. Typically a crew of trekkers will be ahead of you setting up the camp and preparing everything before you arrive to the site.

If camping is not ideal due to weather conditions, often a teahouse trek is offered. This is where you are taken from teahouse to teahouse. A teahouse is considered a guesthouse, and can range in service depending on the area. In more rural areas the teahouse may be nothing more than a big room, whereas in more developed areas the teahouse may have running water and a bed.

Your choice of trekking tours all depends on your style and your needs. Wherever you choose to go for a trekking tour, always be sure that the company you choose is well known and experienced in trekking tours.

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