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99 Pole Trekking Guide


In the past, it has been debated as to whether or not it is worth the expenditure to hire a tour guide or take a guided tour through a foreign country during your vacation. In some places, it just seems as though it would be more relaxed to do without a guide, leaving you the option of changing your plans at the last minute or lingering in a destination longer than the itinerary would call for. However, there are some places, such as the North Pole rim or Antarctica, where it is nearly impossible to go trekking through uncharted territory alone, you need to have a pole trekking guide.

Much of the polar rim is nothing but ice and snow, and the same can be said for Antarctica, meaning that there are no paths or trails blown through or marked that are easy to follow. Most of the population resides in small towns in the northern area and in research centers in the southern most continent. Because there are no marked trails, it is easy to get lost and never find your way back. A pole trekking guide can be attained for a fee and will take you through the undeveloped icy wilderness with no fear of taking a wrong turn and being lost or venturing into dangerous territory.

A pole trekking guide can also provide tips on surviving in the unsettled areas, such as how to survive the elements, keep warm in severe cold, find food that will not cause digestive issues, and use land masses to regain a sense of direction. While regular travel agencies often have prepackaged offers with large groups a pole trekking guide that is specifically trained and experienced in trekking through the poles and is more familiar with the territory can adjust the trail to be unique for your own individual purposes.

Hiring a pole trekking guide or even consulting one can save you a lot of time and effort. Even if you are just planning a short day trip away from civilization and want to go it alone, you can have one of these experienced individuals map you out a course through which you can trek carefully and unharmed, easily finding your way home in a few hours. You can even specify how rigorous you want your trip to be. So, if you are planning a trip to the North Pole polar rim region or Antarctica (also referred to as the South Pole), check in with a pole trekking guide, a great source for information on the possible pole trekking trails.

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