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Adventure Travel Vacation Reviews


So you’ve taken the first step and decided to forego the commonplace vacation routine and embark on an adventure travel vacation. Perhaps you are still deciding whether to go dog-sledding in Alaska, rock-climbing in Nepal or rafting down some tropical river rapids in Costa Rica; or perhaps you’ve already decided where you’d like to go adventuring (you saw a documentary on the Serengeti the other day on the National Geographic channel and you can already feel the African sun beating down on your skin through your khaki shirt). Perhaps you are still pondering whether to choose a child-appropriate adventure and take the kids or leave your kids with your sweet aunt May and laugh in the face of danger. Perhaps you are not sure whether to book your own trip, or choose a company which will plan your excursions for you with a group of strangers; if you do choose a company, which company? Perhaps you are considering the “self-guided tour” option. What to do with all these questions?

Before deciding definitively on your adventure travel vacation, you should consult the ever helpful adventure travel vacation reviews. You can go to your local bookstore or library and check out what books or magazines have to say about certain trips and/or companies. Magazines like Outdoors or ActivPursuits would be good places to start.

Also, the Internet is a wonderful resource for checking out adventure travel vacation reviews, with sites like and
Now, you’d have two options when doing your research, depending on what ideas you have about your soon-to-happen vacation. You can either use a search engine (like Google) to perform a general search for adventure travel vacation reviews and then use those results to get an idea of what type of vacation suits your needs. If, however, you already know where you want to go (remember that documentary on the Serengeti and that cute safari outfit you’re thinking of buying), you can perform a search for the vacation you desire and compare adventure travel vacation reviews on particular trips which catch your eye.

Keep in mind, though, the adventure travel vacation reviews you find may be on company websites who will have an interest in telling only positive tales about how much customers loved their vacations with that particular company. Take single reviews with a grain of salt and put some time into reading multiple reviews about the same adventure travel vacation. If you see a company that specializes in a vacation you may be interested in, try and do some research on that company.

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